The 54th Regular Concert

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  • The 54th Regular Concert
  • June 9, 2018
  • Meguro Persimmon Hall
  • Cond: Toshio Akiyama, Tsunanobu Kawamoto
  • MC: Akiko Mogi
  • 1st Stage — Memories of 60 years of Sony Concert Band / Conductor: Toshio Akiyama

    • 76 Trombones (Meredith Willson / Arr. Naohiro Iwai)
    • Transistor March (Harold L. Walters)
    • Porgy and Bess (George Gershwin / Arr. Paul Yoder)
    • My Fair Lady — Selection for Concert Band (Frederick Loewe / Arr. Robert Russell Bennett)
    • “New Sailing” — Memorial March for 50th Anniversary of Sony Corporation (Takashi Hoshide)
  • 2nd Stage — Music of Philip Sparke / Conductor: Tsunanobu Kawamoto

    • Concert Prelude (Philip Sparke)
    • Step by Step — Commissioned by Sony Concert Band — World Premire (Philip Sparke)
    • The Sun Will Rise Again (Philip Sparke)
    • Music of the Spheres (Philip Sparke)
  • アンコール
    • “ALWAYS: Sunset on 3rd Street” (Naoki Sato / Arr. Tetsuya Watanabe) / Cond: Kawamoto
    • Saint Louis Blues March (William C. Handy / Jerry Gray) / cond: Akiyama
    • Step by Step — Encore Version (Philip Sparke) / Cond: Kawamoto
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